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During the last ten years I've dedicated myself to system administration, both physical and cloud. Always focusing on the development-operations fusion. Mainly I've specialized on continuous automation and integration of software, infrastructure as code and configuration management using existing tools or creating my own ones; all this from agile methodologies perspective.

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Technical services engineer @ StubHub [july 2018 - today]


I join StubHub Bilbao SysOps team, performing DevOps in a few projects owned by Bilbao development teams inside the company. One of them was deployed andautomated in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, I worked within multidisciplinary Squadsgiving support for the development teams on anything they might need. I'm also part of an internacional platorm team (San Francisco – Bilbao) which is responsible ofmigrate one by one diferent services from eBay data-centers to the new PaaSinfrastructure that we are creating: Pivotal Cloud Foundry on top of Google Cloudprovider.

DevOps/Cloud architect at BEEVA/BBVA Next [january 2016 - may 2018]


I begin to be part of BEEVA Systems Administration team, during the frst year thereI've been assigned to a digital payments platorm project that was gonna be deployedin AWS. In an agile environment, we started to automate, integrate and (blue-green)deploy all the tasks needed for the correct development and integration of theplatorm in the cloud. Then I get reassigned to a new team within the companydedicated to experimentation and research working with external clients that are notbanks. We develop several projects: IoT, BigData and serverless web applications inAWS. All these projects were fully writen as code, from infrastructure, pipelines ascode, and confguration management; tested and deployed automatically. Not a singletask was performed manually and the majority of them went successfully toproduction.

System administrator/DevOps in chief, Rentalia Holidays S.L. (Idealista) [july de 2013 - january de 2016]


Performing as DevOps but also performing classic admin tasks: Purchase andinstallation of physical servers, physical housing management, physical and virtualnetworking (HAProxy, pfsense, Open vSwitch, etc). I start to apply the devops culturewith the objective of improving business scalability from the technical side. Weprogress on turning this old non scalable system into a more reliable, scalable system.Using continuous integration and deployment. Using tools such Opennebula (KVM),Puppet, Foreman, Hiera, Librarian, r10k and Docker for this. I also administer aphysical PostgreSQL cluster with high availability and replication. Performing as a SRE,performance testing, etc. One DevOps engineer under my charge.

Prior to this

IT manager, Ferri Villena S.L. [july 2008 - june 2013]

As IT department manager. Complete administration of the system. Linux andWindows servers, ERP, corporate mail, custom sofware developments within thecompany, sofware and hardware purchases, networking, databases and directivecommitee technical advisory. One technician under my charge.

During college

Teaching and temporary employments related with IT between 2006 and 2008.


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